minutes - 11/01/2022

Called to order by Luke H @ 18:05, Pacific.

9 Members present: Jimmy R, Melinda L, Luke H, Jill W, Effie, Jack W, Kat Dee, Al B, Meg M.

Reading of October minutes.

Al motions to accept minutes as read, Jill 2nd’s. None opposed.

Old Business:

Luke will for real work on getting the generic format on website.

Al: Do you have the help you need, Luke. Luke says, yes, for now.

Jill asks if we have enough key holders?

Melinda suggests that we could use a couple more. Is Jimmy willing? Jimmy is. Yay. Luke and Jimmy will get together over the week to hand off info.

Treasury Report: Informal

  • -GiveButter: $339.04 (Currently available)
  • -Total donations YTD: $2,304.98
  • -Prudent reserve has: $531.72

Treasurer knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. There are a small handful of regular members who are keeping us afloat.

New Business:

Jimmy asks if we can change the background ZoomintoAA photo back to something else…”I like this topic,” etc. Jimmy will send Luke photos to update with.

Jill says she still hasn’t contacted intergroup, but she is going to attend a conference on Saturday where she can get the information. She also needs to get with Luke about changing some daytime meeting information for the website.

Luke wants to bring up how do we get people involved at the clubhouse level? Could we do something like the equivalent to a pancake social? Maybe if the regular members from the different meetings got together there would be more motivation to bring the clubhouse to a more integrated level. Jimmy motions to table the conversation so we can come up with some ideas and aim to execute in the new year. Unity ’23!

Melinda asks about length of secretary’s service term. Is it established? One year, or two? Jimmy says it’s For Life. Jack requests the minutes to reflect as much. 😉 Luke will see if there’s anything from old notes? Probably not. Melinda will bring it up next month.

Jimmy motions to close, Jill 2nd’s. None opposed.

Meeting adjourned @ 18:34, Pacific.

December Meeting Agenda:

-Jill’s report on intergroup.

-Length of secretary term. Let’s establish.

-ZoomintAA Inter-Meeting Social…let’s make it happen for the new year!

-Luke wants to discuss taking inventory of the zoom licenses. Do we have more licenses than we need for the number of active meetings? Can we consolidate? Can we add more meetings?