minutes - 10/04/2022

Called to order by Luke H @ 18:06, Pacific.

13 Members present: Nancy D, Kristi C, Melinda L, Luke H, Meg M, Kelly S, Arthur, Alicia, Al B, Tracey M, Jack W, Mick C, Laura.

Reading of September Minutes.

Alicia motions to pass minutes as read, Nancy 2nd’s. None opposed.

Jimmy not present. Treasury report now quarterly, anyway.

New Business:

Kristi brings up that a lot of hosts have needed to be covered. Is there a better mechanism than we have for covering meetings?
-Jack: Is this really a big issue? Maybe it’s just been a bad week? Should the back-up always be the co-host?
-Luke: Maybe individual members can take to their groups how that’s dealt with. Perhaps the co-host could be the de facto host, but that needs to be decided at the meeting level.

Al-Who has the keys? Who should have the keys? The website could use some more information to help hosts not be so dependent on a few.

Can we get some alternative keyholders? Luke, can we help and how, so that it’s not so much work?

Luke: Responds again to Kristi to take back to groups whether they can set a back-up person system, perhaps with co-hosts.

Nancy: Asks for further clarification about the two-step authentication and how to get it unlocked. When it’s locked do other meeting work?

Luke explains that Zoom is enforcing a two-step authentication. There are a couple ways (logging in too many times, logging in from different locations) that can lock up the account. Only one or two people can unlock them.

Kristi motions to table conversation and have members take the issue back to individual groups. Luke thinks that it really is at the clubhouse level. The accounts are too affiliated. Perhaps we should look further into Google voice.

Jack: Might one or two more people under admin level login help?

Luke: You just really need to be able reset the two-step authentication. Jack mentions Jimmy as being one. Jack nominates Jimmy.

Tracey nominates Melanie or Kelly from the noon group. She meant Melinda, Nancy 2nd’s. None opposed. Melinda and Luke will meet soon to discuss setting up a google account and to get Melinda admin code to unluck meetings when necessary.

Al: Where are we with website maintenance?

Al motions that a generic format be posted on the website that can be grabbed at any time in the event of an emergency, Laura 2nd’s. None opposed.

Luke will rustle up a generic format. Luke would like to know if each meeting might be able to make their format accessible to put in one place.

Melinda: The google solution might address this.

Luke will post general format somewhere it is not security protected on the website.

Laura motions to close, Alicia 2nd’s. None opposed. Closed 18:41, Pacific.