minutes - 03/07/2023

ZoomintoAA Clubhouse Group Conscience Meeting

March 7, 2023

Called to order @ 18:09 by Luke H.

8 Members present: Jimmy R, Luke H, Melinda L, Tanya, Jack W, Nancy D, Jill W, Celeste L.

Reading of Minutes: Nancy motions to accept minutes as read, Jimmy 2nd’. None opposed.

Jimmy says Pandemic is still having two-factor authentication issues. He also still needs keys and invoices he needs in order to distribute funds.

Luke says he’s not sure what we can do about some amount of it. Zoom is trying to put protections in place, blah, blah, blah, so, we just have to deal with it. Jimmy is going to look into a simple way to get through the two-step verification and try to let people know, maybe even put it on some kind of cheat sheet.

Luke is going to get Jimmy the needed invoices.

Jimmy needs keys for meditation meeting. There is definitely room on one of our Zoom accounts, Luke says. They’ll take a look together.

Melinda asks if KCB is still going? It’s getting opened most days. It is, in fact, no longer listed on Intergroup. Nancy says it’s open every day but Sunday. 6-10 come. Jimmy motions for KCB to continue using code without it being listed on Intergroup. Nancy 2nd’s. None opposed.

Jill asks if it’s still listed on the website, even though it’s not on inter-group? Yes, it is, Luke answers.

New Business:

Jimmy mentions that contributions are way down.

Jill motions to close, Jimmy 2nd’s. None opposed.

Yay, Skydaddy!