minutes - 08/02/2022

Called to order at 18:03, Pacific time by Luke H.

10 Members present: Nancy D, Melinda L, Luke H, Al B, Kelly S, Jimmy R, Meg M, Jay W, Josh J, Upstate Brittany.

Yearly contributions: $1,377.77 (total)
Fees: 25.00 (total)

  • Venmo completely closed out June 21, 2022.
  • Aiming for quarterly schedule of distribution for member contributions.
  • Melinda reads June minutes. Kelly motions to pass minutes as read, Nancy 2nd’s. None opposed.

Old Business:

  1. Joining Intergroup. Do we already belong?

Outcome: Kelly motions to table until next month when Jill will be here, Melinda 2nd’s. None opposed. (Luke will check-in in the meantime as a reminder.)

New Business:

  1. There have been some issues with members receiving court cards.

Outcome: System seems to be working fine. Will double check to see if Natalie is doing ok with new site. Little transition hiccup. Should be ok now.

Motion to close by Melinda, Kelly 2nd’s. None opposed. Adjourned 18:33, pacific.