minutes - 05/03/2022

Called to order by Luke H at 18:07, Pacific time.

12 Members present: Al B, Nancy D, Luke H, Jill W, Jack W, Jimmy R, Melinda L, Carrie L, Heather, Arthur, Brianne G, Kelly S.

-Jack W steps down as Clubhouse Treasurer.

-Jimmy R is our new treasurer by acclimation, Nancy D will assist as co-treasurer.

-Jack W reads his final financial accounting as Clubhouse Treasurer. Thank you for your service, Jack!!!

-Heather motions to accept treasury report as is, Nancy D 2nd’s. None opposed.

-Jimmy says that we are going to move over to a new collection method, a website called GiveButter. Jill asks when we will start officially using this site as our only collection method?

-Jimmy motions to make GiveButter the sole method for collecting contributions beginning June 7th, Al 2nd’s. None opposed. Nancy motions to amend to make it the 1st of June. None opposed.

-June 1st all ZoomintoAA meetings will be accepting contributions through GiveButter ONLY.

-Prudent reserve is $150.00

-Brianne suggests that we leave the old account info in place for the month of June during transition. Jimmy would prefer to do that for two weeks, instead…the first two weeks of June.

-Al says we need a new flyer (ready to go on the 1st) to distribute to meetings for 7th tradition information/Host cheat sheet. Jimmy says he will take care of it.

-Jack motions to close, Jimmy 2nd’s. None opposed.