minutes - 09/06/2022

Called to order by Luke H @ 18:06, Pacific.

12 Members present: Al B, Melinda L, Luke H, Jimmy R, Jill, Lala, Nancy D, Josh J, Kelly S, Arthur, Alicia, Jay W, Jack W.

Reading of August minutes

Treasury Report

No Old Business

New Business:

Laura brings up avatar use DURING regular meeting for discussion. General consensus seems to be to turn off the person’s camera and send them a message in chat to politely explain that they are not allowed during the regular meeting.

Melinda brings up safety card for discussion. Upshot of discussion is to post link and shorten script.

Jill reports on joining/belonging to Intergroup. She wasn’t able to follow up. Kelly volunteers to be our Intergroup rep, if we go that route.

Josh asks who he can talk to about his son not getting court cards? Is everything working? Jill will check directly with Nathalie and ask if he can text her.

Melinda asks Luke to add the Safety Card link to the Host Cheat Sheet. Yes.

Jay wants to know for the sake of clarity how are voting structure works. Members vote in multiple groups. Isn’t the standard to only vote in one’s homegroup?

-Al says one vote per entity.

-Arthur: if it affects the group and beyond the group, it’s one vote

per person.

-there was really no clarification of if we should push the homegroup vote only issue.

Much discussion followed about what the function of a GSR is and if we would have one rep for zoomintoaa, or would we need one rep per meeting.

Jimmy motions to table the discussion until Jill can get more information. Al 2nd’s. Passes 10 of 12.

Al motions to close, Alicia 2nd’s. None opposed. Closed 19:02, Pacific.