minutes - 02/07/2023

February 7, 2023

Called to order by Luke H @ 18:07 Pacific.

8 Members present: Jimmy R, Luke H, Melinda L, Kelly S, Jill W, Nancy D, Greg J, Lala.

Reading of December minutes,, (we didn’t hold January meetining. Kelly motions to accept minutes as read, 2nd’s. None opposed.

Jimmy presents treasury report.

In December, $554.00 in account (minus $12.00 monthly fee=$542.00)


GSO (45%): $270.00

Las Vegas Group (10%): $60.00

Current (February) GiveButter Balance: $448.22

New business:

Add As Bill Sees It on Intergroup as the Wednesday Quarantined meeting.

Melinda asks what’s up with the Clubhouse website. It’s under construction, but Luke basically didn’t know how not-functioning it has been.

Jill W makes announcement that KCB is dead in the water, and we can remove it from the meeting list. Nancy D adds that it might not be quite done. Some people are still opening room. Will check in at March CH meeting for follow up. (Jill did notify intergroup to drop it.)

Jimmy mentions (merely for information’s sake) that Arthur has been using the Quarantined code to try to set up a couple fellowship things. A movie night and gaming night.

Jimmy also says he might need a code for Wednesday meditation meeting at 5pm, Pacific. TBD. He’d prefer not to list it on Intergroup.

Kelly asks if he’s need a vote to approve the usage of the room. Luke says yes. Kelly motions to allow Wednesday Meditation Meeting access to use of ZoomintoAA code. (Which code TBD), Lala 2nd’s. None opposed.

Jill said that she was back to having a two-factor authentication issue. After much deliberation, we think someone is logging in and making some changes to settings, (maybe AZ Mark from Welcome Home). Jill has his girlfriend’s number and probably get a hold of him through her. She will speak with him (as diplomatically as possible).

Jimmy motions to close at 18:34, Pacific, Nancy 2nd’s. None opposed.