minutes - 04/05/2022

Called to order by Luke H at 18:40, Pacific time.

Members present: Al B, Meg M, Nancy D,, Jill W, Luke H, Natalie M, Kristi C Jimmy R, Melinda L, Kelly S.

April minutes waived, none opposed.

Treasury report:

How much do we want to send to Vegas office versus GSO? Percentages?

How much should prudent reserve be kept at? (Current Zoom costs are $450.)

Al asks how we are distributing now. Jack isn’t here (previous treasurer) so the question cannot be asked right now.

Luke asks if there’s a “chapter” organization that supports broader Zoom efforts, helping to keep rooms open, books out to people, etc.? (Great idea) No one seems to have heard of anything quite like that.

Current account balances are:
Venmo- $1,123.37

Al motions to raise prudent reserve to $500.00 from $150.00, Kelly 2nd’s. None opposed.

There was some open group discussion about GiveButter.


-This doesn’t mean you actually need to contribute at that time, obviously, but please visit the website. The auto-donation is called a “tip.” It goes to GiveButter to keep their site supported. The “tip” can be unchecked.

Jimmy brings it back to the question of how to divide the donations for distribution. Do we want to include Las Vegas Area office? Currently, funds are going to Central Office in Las Vegas and to GSO.

Do we want to have a GSR from the Clubhouse, who would represent us at the Area level? No one seemed keen on that idea at this time.

Luke asks if there wasn’t an “Area” designated for on-line Zoom groups? Jill seems to think there is. Luke wonders if it isn’t worth finding out and donating to them?

Is AA-intergroup different from New York GSO? Inconclusive. Luke is going to look into it. Gonna talk to his boy, T.

Al motions to send “the lion’s share” ($777.00) to NY, Nancy 2nd’s. None opposed.

Luke is going to look into if he can find something that is specifically on-line meeting support. He will bring that back to the group next month.

Jimmy asks if we should table discussion of division of funds until the next meeting?

Melinda motions to table discussion on treasury matters until next month, Jimmy 2nd’s. None opposed.

Lots of items on the host cheat sheet are really incorrect, at this point, i.e. the number of outdated item is great. Discussion followed. This is still being worked out--feels closer, kinda!

Luke brings up that Las Vegas Thanksgiving Round-up wants to know if we want to keep our slot for Saturday night at 10pm. Al (and others) say KEEP it! No one disagreed.

Jill motions to close, Jimmy 2nd’s. None opposed.

Meeting adjourns 19:19, Pacific time.