minutes - 07/05/2022

Luke H calls to order 18:09, Pacific time.
12 Members present: Al B, Melinda L, Luke H, Jill W, Josh J, Darren, Jack W, Meg M, Natalie M, Kelly Sparks, Paul E, Jimmy R (arrived a little late).

“General motion” to pass minutes as read. None opposed.

Treasurer (Jimmy R) is not currently present to give treasury report.

Old business:

Joining Intergroup.org (OIAA) https://aa-intergroup.org/ —addresses the online aspect of meeting support addressed last month. (See June notes for details.)

-In order to join, we submit details about the group in letter form and wait for approval.

-At the time of approval, we can become a voting group and choose a representative, if we want to, but we don’t HAVE to. It’s sounds like we can change our status to voting members later on, if we so choose?

-Jill asks if each meeting needs to join individually, or if we can join as a clubhouse?

-Josh asks about sending the $777.77 to Intergroup? Those funds were already sent out.

-Darren points out that the script for Pandemic states that funds go to GSO, LV Central Office, NY Intergroup, and Online Intergroup.

-Jack states that many of the meeting scripts don’t reflect where the distributions go, -accurately.

-Al brings up considering the “pie chart” for how to divide up distributions.

-Al motions to table, until next month, Josh 2nd’s. None opposed.

We’re trying to get a hold of Kimberly to get an email address and password, group number so that we can make changes to how our meetings are listed on Intergroup.org. Jill got the email address of the person whose email was the primary for the account.

Jimmy gives verbal treasury report: $1123.37-Venmo was closed out.
$357.60 left in bank account for GiveButter account, after sending 777.77 to NY GSO.
839.98? Huh? About $700.00 in account after prudent reserve.

New Business:

Jill asks about the wording of “text-to-donate” versus “text-to-contribute.” Text-to-donate is the verbiage of GiveButter.

Al motions to send Intergroup $500.00, Josh 2nd’s. None opposed.

Jimmy says the script for 7th tradition needs to be amended. Thus far, this year, everything has gone to NY GSO, in that single $777.77 contribution.

Al says 10% to Vegas! 5%?

Al motions to send 200.00 to Las Vegas Central Office, Josh 2nd’s. None opposed.

Al throws out 45% NY GSO, 45% to Intergroup, 10% to Las Vegas Central Office. Always AFTER prudent reserve. This will be going forward.

Jill reiterates that we should be using the word “contribution”, instead of “donation.”

Jimmy wants a uniform 7th Tradition script to be used for all the groups. Going forward we should post the full 7th Tradition info, but in the verbal announcement, drop the whole “auto-donate” bit. It’s off-putting and confusing.

Jimmy says he will re-write script tonight and put it in ALL the group chats. Each group will be responsible for making sure the new script gets instituted ASAP.

Al talks about the fact that donations are down. Should we be more imploring, even though we don’t really need the money to stay “in business” until the end of the year?

Is there any news about updating the website? Luke has discovered that perfectionism is pervasive and is having a bit of a tough time deciding on design aspects.

Melinda asks if there will be a treasury report and where it will be posted? He can do a monthly or a quarterly. Quarterly would be fan-fuckin-tastic.

Jack motions to do quarterly treasury report, Jill 2nd’s. None opposed. Starting with this quarter (July-September). There will be an explanation/accounting of funds through the transferring of everything to GiveButter.

Melinda brings up updating cheat sheet. We can’t get into site. Jimmy asks if we could do a separate WordPress? Luke says it would still be starting from scratch. Best to simply keep trudging on the new website.

Luke will work on it this Saturday. He will send it out for review on Sunday. It would be located with a url, which will be posted in individual meeting chats.

Josh motions to close, Kelly 2nd’s. None opposed.

Meeting adjourned at 19:16, Pacific time.